Wednesday, November 2, 2011


I just wanted to say I love being a mom. It is so much fun to see my two year old's personality shining through. He has the energy of a hummingbird, with his incessant talking, climbing, and running around. He has the inquisitive nature of his Great Grandpa Merkley and several times a day has every single book he has strewn all over the house (I will need to post a picture of this when I remember to). He loves to sing, smile, hug, and give kisses, especially, to his baby sister Hannah.
We are cloth diapering. Here 's Hannah in one of her first diapers. This was in August when it was still warm out now it's freezing outside.
I tend to be a yeller/firm voice when I lose my patience but I need to stop with Taylor. Half the time he doesn't deserve it and he will almost always burst out in tears. But he is such an angel always so quick to forget and forgive. My daughter on the other hand,is so mellow, most of the time. She is starting to smile and coo now and wanting to interact more. I want to cherish the next few months where she wants to play more BEFORE she gets mobile (: