Monday, November 12, 2012

Home Cookin'

Lately, we have cooking up a storm making Applesauce MuffinsApple Butter, and Hamburger Vegetable Soup.  My house smells amazing and needless to say with the cold front I haven't ventured outside much the last few days.

Thanks, MoneySavingMom!

I still have a laundry basket full of apples on my side porch and about 4 pumpkins to process.  I really have become super housewife.  But when you have more time than money you get creative and it can really be fun.  Except Applesauce muffins don't last more than a few days around here (:

I have gotten into canning more this year. Tomatoes grew with a vengeance this summer and I had at least 6 bushels between our plants and some from Brian's parents.  I canned about 28 quarts of tomato sauce, 5 quarts of tomato juice, and about 20 pints of diced tomatoes.

And than there are the green beans, 50 pints later we are fully stocked.  We borrowed my mother-in-law's  pressure cooker and now my Grandma Payne is going to let me keep hers at my house.  The next couple things I am going to try pressure canning are chicken and beef/venison stew.

I almost forgot ,with all those tomatoes there were still a bunch that never ripened before the first frost.  And this is how we discovered Green Tomato Curry Sauce on Rice, the kids and and I really love it with just some cheese and coconut on top.  We are now out of it and I am so sad.

Thanks, Mavis from One Hunderd Dollars a Month!

I hope you are all eating well.  Please, share any yummy and healthy resipes you have cookin' up this fall.

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