Thursday, January 3, 2013

New Year 2013

Ok, so this post will not have any pictures because I am writing it on my kindle fire.  I have been thinking about my new year resolutions and I thought it would be a good time to make some goals.  Just as Christ "grew in wisdom and stature" I need to be continually improving myself.

- 2 dates a month.
-  Pack Brian a nice lunch and note once a week.
- Talk about about budget monthly and week plans every Sunday.
- Make a list of 15 things I can do to show Brian love and do them.
- Read two books about Marriage.

- Have a summer and Halloween craft class.  25 total kids
 -  Complete 12 sewing projects.
-  Learn to mend and shorten clothes.  Complete 30 items.
- Read 36 books this year.
- Become a better teacher, seek to improve my Sharing Time lessons and start preparing 2 weeks ahead.

Be a more patient and loving mother
- Blog at least once a week about my kids and family, throughout the week write down the little things and the big things that make me smile in wonder and the things that make me want to scream.
- Play with my kids everyday.
- Take more pictures, make a picture book of Hannah. and one of the whole family.
- Laugh More.
- Read the Book of Mormon with my relationships with my kids in mind.

- Track calories and weight.
- Eat a sit down meal with my family at least 5 Times a week.
- Can at least 100 quarts of fruit, 50 quarts of tomatoes, and 50 quarts carrots/green
beans.  Make Green Tomato Curry 12 pints, freeze a couple more bags.
- Make rice-a- roni mixes in jars.
- Can 36 pints of chicken.

So that's it, now to put the plan into action.  I will try to look at this monthly and report my progress.

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