Saturday, February 8, 2014

Our week in no particular order, I do not have the energy to write out the whole story but here are bits and pieces.
 In recovery, at Primary Children's, Brian says he looks like he is saying, "Get me out of here." I think, I agree.
My first helicopter ride was riding in Life Flight with my son.  

 I had feed him this baby food that day before Hannah put popcorn kernels in his mouth. 3 hours later he threw it up along with the kernels and started choking and acting less responsive/lethargic.  On Friday, after getting back from the hospital I feed him this same food and he had a similar reaction (throwing up and coughing/choking) but this time bounced back.  So investigation on allergies will be happening.
 We got to ride in an ambulance through rush hour traffic in downtown Provo; I heard someone say "That is a bad sign." from the back of the ambulance (I was in the front). I still do not know what they were referring to but by the time we got to the hospital I heard his oxygen saturation was at 95.  Many hours later, I heard that his saturation had been in the 70's.

 Popcorn Kernels that Hannah fed Ryan


At Primary Children's Hospital Ready to go home

Happy Beautiful Ryan

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