Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Shopping Savings

Today I went shopping to get a few things for dinner and our camping trip this weekend.

First, I went to Buy Low. I got
Playtex bottle liners 100 ct: 8.99
3 Powerades:68 cents each
20 pears for 1.78
iceberg lettuce 34 cents
6 tomatoes .84
6 oz container of blueberries for 99 cents
My total at BUY LOW was 15.76. By far the playtex bottle liners were the most pricey but since I hardly ever give Taylor a bottle they will last forever.
My second stop was Macey's. I picked up
salsa 1.59
3 Onions 99cents/lb
12 snickers bars 3/98 cents cheaper than a SMALL bag of funsize snickers (this is for my brother in law's birthday pinata)
16 bottles Lawry's marinade(lemon pepper, herb and garlic, teriyaki, and steak and chop)This was a super deal, they were advertised 4/$5 and then there was a coupon on some of them for $2/2 making them 25 CENTS each!!!! WAHOO!!!! They did have to adjust the price because they were ringing up 2/$4
My total for all of that 12.13
A grand total of $27.89

Anyways, it's sad sometimes the things that make your day!(: Hey, easy dinners with marinades I will be happy about that for a long time. I would go get more but I will leave some for the rest of you.

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