Sunday, April 3, 2011

Conference Reflection

Today was the last day of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints' General Conference.  Twice a year we gather via the airwaves to watch/listen to inspired speakers.  The two days seem to pass by so fast and then you have to sit back and let it sink in.  Was that message for me?  What can I take from this? 

Elder Holland said that none of the speakers are assigned a topic beforehand; they are simply suppoused to speak from the heart what the Lord wants them to say.  It is interesting when several people speak on the same topic.  I liked when Elder Holland said that if we are trying our best we can give ourselves high marks.  I remember a couple times in college when we got to grade ourselves in a religion class.  I was always hard on myself and could never give myself an A.  Maybe I could've given myself more credit.  No being a Latter-Day Saint isn't an easy path most of the time but it is the right path, where eternal truth lies, if we seek it, and continue in it. 

Yes, I can do better but in other areas I can give myself  "high marks". (when I just wrote that it made me cringe, I'm working on it.)


  1. Just looked at my blog subscriptions. I loved General Conference. I always do, but this time I felt way more prompted to do certain things, to say certain things. It was a really great one, and I am glad Elder Hollands remarks were what they were. People need to know the Lord has certain things on his mind!

  2. Thanks Liz! Guess what m brother is marrying a Liz. I love that name. By he way, I think it is cute how your son is scared of his mobile(: