Tuesday, July 29, 2014

A Costco,Walgreens, and Walmart Grocery Haul

Staying on budget is something, that might be easy for some people, and if that is you then you probably do not want to read about my food budget.  Budgeting is a work in progress for me; but I try to be smart about shopping and saving my family money.  Back in January, I participated in something called Focus on Finances, hosted by the website Fun, Cheap, or Free;  It kick started me into being more aware of what we were spending and coming up with a realistic budget to spend from.  

The budget I came up with was $140/ week for a family of five.  We have two adults, and three kids ages 4, 2, and a baby.  My budget includes: diapers, formula, toiletries, eating out, clothes,medication, birthday gifts for kids and extended family, etc. 

More details on all of this later.  I will just jump start to what I bought and how much I spent.  I lost my first two receipts so this is what I remember.

3 dozen eggs - 99 cents/dozen used $3 in POINTS 
Total : 6 cents !!!!

2 bags Veggie Straws - 4.99 each
9 pound box of crinkle fries - 6.49 a box
3 cantaloupe - 5.49
6 head of romaine - 3.39
40 oz Infant Formula - 17.99
2- 3 lb bunches of bananas - 1.39 each
48 pack of AA Kirkland batteries - FREE with coupon from Groupon deal
Total: $47 and some change

Next stop, price matching, at Provo's new Neighborhood Walmart.  I could have gone and price matched at a store called Lo-Lo's but I need to look ads up on my phone to show them and their produce quality is pretty hit and miss.

Red grapes - price-matched 99 cents/lb normally 1.98/lb
6 - 4 lb bags of sugar - 1.59 each normally 1.98
4 - 8 oz bags of shredded cheese ( I got taco blend, sharp cheddar, swiss, and mozzarella) - price-matched $1.67 a bag normally $2.50
Green cabbage (hiding under Hannah) 33 cents/lb normally 50 cents a pound
A bag of green onions
Celery Hearts
Aluminum Foil
Sandwich bags and Freezer bags
Total: $34.35

We made another run today to the neighborhood market and bought 2 cans of pineapple to make our new recipe for Chicken Bowtie Salad.  (We spent a little over $2 there; we saved money by buying the store brand which saved us about $1.20).

We put grapes, celery, pineapple tidbits, green onions, and cashews in the salad this time.  A couple of weeks ago, I taught several sisters in my ward how to make it, at a monthly cooking class, I decided to run for my new church calling.

Now, that we have two cars, I take the kids shopping with me more so that we have more time as a family when Brian gets home.  It has been an adjustment but for the most part the kids have been great and pretty good and helping me stick to my list.  I must say, I do have cute kids (:

Total spent on all 4 trips:
Around $84

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