Saturday, July 19, 2014

Life Update

I fail to write on this blog because I feel like I do not have a organized way of documenting our lives.  I want to share this wonderful journey we call life but my brain feels like scrambled eggs and I am easily distracted. However, I am always glad when I make the effort.

Today, I went cleaning, for my cleaning job.  I had to make a short Target run and hit up 7-eleven too.  My phone was dead as the car charger cord was not working and so, as I was cleaning, I was left to my own thoughts.  Pretty scary, as I was thinking about everything from, the homeless man, outside the offices I clean, who lives in his van and the young mother holding a sign on the side of the road that read, "recently widowed, single mother", who reminded of my friend who recently found herself in that exact same situation.  I also think of weird things like how do you spell the word rhetorical and what is the definition of infirmities.

I have realized some things while cleaning these past several months, the smaller spaces are often the dirtiest and it is often just as easy or easier to clean up after a many people as it is to clean up after a few.

Also about two months ago, I was called to be a compassionate service leader, and now I feel like I am walking around with my insides on the outside.  When you care; it hurts.   I have been searching the scriptures more and have felt like I have been in a constant state of prayer for all those I love and care for.
The one thing I need to practice more is smiling at other people.  I think when I am in my sweats running an errand on my way to go clean or on the way back I don't always smile much as not to bring attention to myself. (:

My kids are growing fast. Taylor will be turning five in a few months, Hannah is turning 3 in a couple weeks, and Ryan will be turning 1 in about a month.  They are still little and often beyond reasoning but they are coming into their own.  Taylor is learning basic reading and math and just finished his first swimming lessons.  He took like a fish to water and he was pretty much at his happiest.

Hannah is the Energizer Bunny.  She is always either into something or busy talking a mile a minute.  She has taken to calling Ryan, "Oddie" or "Artie"  depending on how you hear it.  She misses her friend, David "Choke" Choate, whose family is spending a year in France and often adds his name into our nightly family handshake.  She says sweet prayers and often uses the excuse, "Jesus told me to do it."

Ryan smiles from the moment he wakes up.  He is always standing up and pulling himself on things and will soon be walking.  With Mom or Dad right behind him he can climb all the way to the top of the stairs and he has just started saying Mama.  In the sun, his hair has a reddish tint and his is starting to lose some of his baby looks.  He got his first haircut from my friend, Krystle, and he is pretty much eating anything and everything now.  The only two things the doctor said he can not have at 10 months when he went in was liquid honey and cow's milk.  Other than those two things, everything else is fair game, ice cream, cheese, and scrambled eggs, etc.

Brian, last but not least, has gotten back into running he has run another half marathon and a 5K and has a 5K coming up next week.  We went on a date to the Provo Rec Center a couple weeks ago.  Brian ran around the track while I used the elliptical we both put in about 35 minutes.  And then went to the hot tub.  But that got boring and we decided to try a little bit of everything: going down the waterslides, jumping off the faux cliff in a deep pool, and swimming laps in the Big Pool.  We both were quite nervous jumping off the cliff, we are getting old, and are losing our daring sense of adventure.  We need to work on getting some of that in our lives.  I love this man and it is amazing how my love for him grows richer but is definitely different from the feelings in the beginning.  I love him and I love our little family.  He is such a wonderful and devoted father and husband.

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