Thursday, September 11, 2014

Mom's Weekend Away

Here I am with my Star Wars Entourage

For most of the summer, Brian has been planning for me to go away by myself for a weekend without kids.  He wanted me to go visit my cousin Marissa in Las Vegas.  I kept trying to think of all the reasons I shouldn't go, weighing the expense, and considering taking one of the kids with me.  But in the end, I decided time by myself was just what I needed.

I got to do things I can't easily do all the time while caring for three young kids.  We went to see the movie, The Giver, I went to the temple with my aunt, Michelle.  We went out to eat and went to see the show Chriss Angel.

By the way. Chriss Angel's show is pretty filthy.  It was quite the contrast after being in the temple earlier that day.  We should of went with our original plan of bowling. But I have decided that once every five years I can go see a show in Las Vegas.  Next time, I will just do more research.

My sweet cousin, Marissa.  Isn't she beautiful?  And she is smart too.

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