Thursday, May 26, 2011

Day 3 & 4 - Flats and Handwashing challenge

You are probably wondering what a flat is and if I have lost my ever loving mind.
First of all here are a few pictures of flats:
Drying Flats

I am using tea towels you can get 4 for 3.99 at Target.  You can also use old receiving blankets or old towels.  This can cause some people to get really creative (:
I have decided that through this challenge I have felt like a pioneer.  I have thought about my ancestors, people in third world countries, and those experiencing natural disasters.  I have thought about what it means to be prepared; and what I would do if my washer went out.  Hopefully, have enough money in savings to replace it or fix it.

But to tell you the truth it really hasn't been that hard besides the handwashing part (that really gives you an arm workout).  Taylor wets less diapers and not for a lack of me checking him.  And I've noticed he is now often letting me know when he is wet!

Another benefit to these diapers over pocket diapers are they are alot less bulky.  His everyday clothes fit him better.  And flat diapers clean alot better; I am frustrated with the microfiber stink.

Anyways, Saturday will be my last handwashing day and then I go back to using my washer.  Yeah!

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